EPOS & Customer Loyalty Programmes

EPOS & Customer Loyalty Programmes

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With our powerful loyalty system you can monitor your customer’s buying habits and personalise offers and promotions to each customer. If customers haven’t returned in a while, send them a special offer to encourage them to visit again. Add a points system or restricted members only deals to keep the customers coming back again and again.


EPOS and Customer Loyalty

The advancement of POS systems has allowed businesses to not only use loyalty cards - owners can now monitor their customer’s purchasing behaviour so that they can better personalise their offerings to their customers and help to create more intelligent promotional and advertising strategies. Stuart McLean, chief executive officer at Zonal, argues the potential benefits that an EPOS system can bring to improving business performance:


“Knowledge is power. When used to its full potential EPOS can provide operators with a huge amount of data, insight and solutions that can drive sales and enhance the customer experience”

Stuart McLean

Must have features

Here are some of the outstanding features that a modern EPOS system can offer you:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Loyalty discount system
  • Loyalty points system
  • Customer enquiry
  • Customer database
  • Expiry dates on customer accounts
  • Blacklist customers
  • Customer spend
  • Customer statements
  • Start and expiry dates
  • Customer balance and spend
  • Customer credit



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