E-cig & vape EPOS, customer loyalty, barcode scanner, msr/dallas reader



Stock Control System

A comprehensive stock control system is a must for those serving in the retail industry. Being able to keep track of your stock levels, specify minimum stock for efficient re-ordering, detailed daily,weekly and monthly reports are incredibly useful for monitoring business performance and will enhance the efficiency of your business, saving you both time and money.

We’d recommend: Cloud back office management


Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner is an essential tool for a retail store and is a cost effective way of scanning items for purchasing and inventory purposes. It is for this reason that the barcode scanner that you choose needs to be durable and robust for daily use, enjoys a high quality scanning performance on low contrast or poorly-printed barcodes and is straightforward and accessible to all staff.

We’d recommend: XL-626 rugged laser handheld barcode scanner


Customer Loyalty Schemes

Customer loyalty programmes are an excellent tool for retail businesses to improve their Customer’s Lifetime Value (CLV). In other words, loyalty schemes help encourage existing customers to return and repurchase, attract new clients and ultimately increase sales.

The advancement of EPOS systems has allowed businesses to monitor purchasing behaviour so that they can better choose their offerings to their customers and help to create more intelligent promotional and advertising strategies. For this reason alone, member-clubs would benefit from acquiring a series of loyalty cards that can be designed and custom-coded by our very own design team.

We’d recommend: Custom-made loyalty cards


MSR & Dallas reader

A dallas reader fitted on your EPOS system would allow staff to individually log-in using dallas key fobs, a must have for a busy retail environment with various people accessing the till. And if that wasn't enough, with our RFID readers you can load loyalty cards with cash and create a completely cashless payment system.

We’d recommend: Staff login and card readers


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