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Contact-free self ordering

Customers are far more likely to visit places they feel safe in. Not only will you keep everyone safe, but you will also increase turnover and cut back on outgoings. Have a look at our demo site here:

Your customers simply find a table, scan a printed QR code like below, and place their order straight from their smartphone.

This then goes straight to the bar and/or kitchen for servers to deliver to the table.

And you’ll already be one step ahead of the game with inbuilt electronic contact tracing every time someone places an order, whether from their table of from the bar.



Online takeaway ordering / Click & collect

Takeaway businesses have seen a major boost in sales during the COVID lockdown period, and online ordering is highly recommended for being safe, convenient, and visible to your customers searching for you.

For those businesses that have switched to, or are thinking of introducing takeaways, integrate this in full with your Infinity EPOS system using our online takeaway ordering. See a demo of this here:

Allow your customers pay online and choose a timeslot for delivery, collect at a certain time, or pre-book for the days to come.

Encourage your customers to order direct from your website instead of through ridiculously expensive order platforms that charge upwards of 20% commission by giving discount codes and far more convenience.


Customer self collection

Once your customer has placed their order, either through their smartphone using self-ordering, with your handheld waiter ordering device, or simply at the till, our self collection system will tell the customer that their order has been received and is being prepared.

When the order is ready to collect, use our integrated smartphone/tablet app to ping the screen and change the status to READY to inform the customer to come and collect.


Handheld waiter/waitress ordering device

Keep your customers safely seated as much as possible and allow your staff to serve entire areas of customers contact-free.

Serve outdoors without running orders back and forth to the till or kitchen using waiter/waitress handheld ordering devices, where the orders will be relayed straight to where they're needed.

Add a Bluetooth mobile bill printer to control movement even further by allowing your server to print a bill directly from where they're standing. Perfect for outdoor service!


Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Sage50 accounting integration

Why not even become more contact-free with your accountant? Post your sales directly to your online accounting package, saving yourself hours of daily reconciliation as well as a large amount of your accountant's time and billing every month.