EPOS Software for Newsagents

For a busy newsagent, your choice of EPOS software is is the most vital, integral part of an EPOS system and will ultimately help you to run your business more effectively. It is for this reason that you should make sure to choose a software that suits your business requirements realistically - if a retail business chooses a takeaway restaurant software, there will be confusion and wasted money invested in a system that is drastically overpowered for the task at hand.

Similarly, make sure you consider what software features would make a difference to your business. For example, our software can now connect to the News Slave home delivery management system as well as the well-established Booker system for newsagents, allowing you to download deliveries, download product file amendments and display up and coming Booker promotions, all at your fingertips.

We’d recommend: Infinity EPOS Software


Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner is an essential tool for a retail store and is a cost effective way of scanning items for purchasing and inventory purposes. It is for this reason that the barcode scanner that you choose needs to be durable and robust for daily use, enjoys a high quality scanning performance on low contrast or poorly-printed barcodes and is straightforward and accessible to all staff.

We’d recommend: XL-626 rugged laser handheld barcode scanner


Stock Control

A comprehensive stock control system is a must for a busy newsagents. Being able to keep track of your stock level, specify minimum stock for efficient re-ordering, detailed daily,weekly and monthly reports are incredibly useful for monitoring business performance and will enhance the efficiency of your business.

We’d recommend: Cloud back office management