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Robust and water-resistant hardware

The pub, club and bar industry requires hardware that is specifically designed to withstand the heavy daily usage within a busy restaurant/commercial environment. This means making sure that your equipment is highly water resistant to liquid spills or grease, and that touchscreen tills remain bezeless so that they can be easily wiped. Robust, waterproof and purposely designed for commercial use.

We’d recommend: P2C C-100 Colour-coded Waterproof EPOS System


Staff Management

For a busy hospitality environment, it is important that you keep track of your staff’s activities during their shifts. An appropriate EPOS system should allow you to monitor your staff’s activities one-by-one to deter and significantly reduce theft and fraud, implement user restrictions and enable multiple users for swift service. Additionally, a Dallas reader fitted on your EPOS system would allow staff to individually log-in using dallas key fobs, an absolute essential in a busy bar, pub or restaurants with various people accessing the till.

We’d recommend: Infinity EPOS Software


Second Screen

A second screen with your EPOS system is an excellent way to not only upsell your products whilst they are in purchasing mode, but can also be used to advertise upcoming events and attractions, through internal purposes and third party interests. An advertising tool within the hospitality environment can very often prove a useful and worthwhile investment.

We’d recommend: P2C C-100 15" integrated 2nd screen


Stock Control

A comprehensive stock control system is a must in the hospitality industry. Being able to keep track of your food and drink stock level, specify minimum stock for efficient re-ordering, detailed daily,weekly and monthly reports are incredibly useful for monitoring business performance and will enhance the efficiency of your business, saving you both time and money.

We’d recommend: Cloud back office management


Kitchen Printer

Hospitality establishments who offer a food menu would need a kitchen printer that offers a rapid, accurate print, which will save time in a rapid service environment, with robust and water-resistant qualities so that it can withstand the heat and prep in the kitchen.

We’d recommend: Sewoo LK-T32EB Ethernet thermal kitchen printer


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