Handheld Ordering

Handheld Ordering

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Save Time with Handheld Ordering

Handheld ordering tablet

With a handheld ordering system, restaurant staff can take orders directly from the table. The order is sent directly from the handheld device to the restaurants EPOS system and to any printers or kitchen video screens on the network. Where the information is sent will depend on what’s ordered e.g. drinks orders will be sent to the bar printer for fulfilment, food orders will be sent to the kitchen printer. Table staff will be able to continue hoping from table to table without having to relay orders back to the kitchen or bar meaning they can serve more tables quickly and efficiently. Staff will also spend less time writing down large orders as each meal can be put through as each order can be placed with just a few clicks, this also reduces the chance of error through messy handwritten tickets getting lost, damaged or being unreadable.


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Mobile receipt printer

With a mobile belt printer, order receipts can be printed directly at the table further reducing the need to run back and forth to the bar printer. All of our mobile printers are rugged and spill proof and we have both WiFi and Bluetooth options so there’s a mobile printer for any restaurant environment.


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Wireless chip and pin card terminal

To further reduce the need to run back and forth to the bar, add a mobile Chip & Pin terminal. Take card payments (even contactless and Apple Pay payments) and print card payment receipts directly from the table with no fuss. Add this to your handheld ordering setup and ensure your table staff stay where they’re needed most, with the customers.


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 Reduce order processing time by

up to 80%

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