Magnetic or Non-magnetic? A short guide to dallas key fobs

Magnetic or Non-magnetic? A short guide to dallas key fobs

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Dallas key fobs are used by many retail and hospitality businesses as a login tool for EPOS systems. It allows the user to login to a system quickly and easily by simply placing their fob on a reader attached to the system. Each fob has a unique code that can be registered to individual users so that when the fob is used, that user is logged in automatically. There are no codes to remember or long, time-consuming passwords to input.

There are two types of dallas key fobs, Magnetic and Non-magnetic. It is very important to know what type of reader you have on your system before purchasing fobs as the two aren’t interchangeable.

There are a few visual differences between the two types. If you already have some working dallas keys then it’s easy to compare your fobs with other fobs on the market to discover which type you need.

Magnetic fobs must be kept on the reader to remain logged in.


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Non-magnetic fobs can be removed once logged in until you need to log out.


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If you’re not sure if you need magnetic or non-magnetic key fobs, it’s best to contact the company who supplied your EPOS system. Below is a list of some common brands and whether they use magnetic or non-magnetic readers.


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