Restaurant EPOS, kitchen printer, handheld ordering, guest pagers



Robust and waterproof hardware

The hospitality industry requires hardware that is specifically designed to withstand the heavy daily usage within a busy restaurant environment. This means making sure that your equipment is highly water resistant to liquid spills or grease, and that touchscreen tills remain bezeless so that they can be easily wiped, making the daily cleaning process much easier for you and your staff.

We’d recommend: P2C C-100 Colour-coded Waterproof EPOS System


Kitchen Printer

Hospitality establishments who offer a food menu would need a kitchen printer that offers a rapid, accurate print which will save time in a rapid service environment, with robust and water-resistant qualities so that it can withstand the heat and preparation in the kitchen.

We’d recommend: Sewoo LK-T32EB Ethernet thermal kitchen printer


Handheld ordering

Taking orders in a busy restaurant can be a nightmare for both waiters and chefs alike. One of the greatest inventions of the last few years (at least in the restaurant industry) has to be handheld ordering, where staff can take orders at the table and relay them straight back to the kitchen.
Your restaurant managers will be able to view and control activity at all of your guest's tables easily, while your employees can have the complete menu at their fingertips, encouraging more interaction with customers and allowing you, the owner, to focus more on business management.

We’d recommend: 5" Professional handheld ordering pad


Table plan & reservation features

A table plan and reservation feature on your EPOS system is an extremely valuable tool for those in the restaurant industry. Your managers and employees can allocate tables at the till, update the floor plan accordingly and keep track of customer capacity, reducing the risk of double-booking a table. Your customers will benefit too, with an online booking service that operates 24/7, enhancing their overall dining experience and increasing your customer satisfaction score.

We’d recommend: Infinity EPOS Software


Guest Paging System

Guest pagers are vital in any busy hospitality environment, where your staff’s time is better spent focusing on service. The guest pager allows you to notify guests when their table is ready remotely, saving a lot of time for your employees. A streamlined system, it allows guests to remain seated at the bar, or move a short distance away and be called back via the pager. This avoids staff having to be sent out, or customers waiting needlessly or evening leaving due to a lack of service.

We’d recommend: Wireless guest paging device


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