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customisableFully Customisable

Customisable screen layout

Set up your items to suit you and your business

Choice of 5 colours

Our stylish P2C system suits any environment.

Range of optional extras

Add a second screen, MSR or CDP for your perfect EPOS solution

P2C in a range of colours with customisable software screen layout


Infinity EPOS Cloud works across all devices

Cloud basedCloud Based

Take your business wherever you are using your smart phone or tablet.

  • Add or edit items remotely
  • Stock control
  • In-depth sales reporting
  • Clerk restrictions & auditing
  • Scheduled price changes
  • Pictorial charts and reports
  • Employee time & attendance


Loyalty cardPowerful Loyalty System

With our powerful loyalty system you can monitor your customer’s buying habits and personalise offers and promotions to each customer. If customers haven’t returned in a while, send them a special offer to encourage them to visit again. Add a points system or restricted members only deals to keep the customers coming back again and again.

Loyalty card


software table plan

tableTable Reservations

Our software features a visual table plan that can be personalised to your restaurant making table bookings simple to manage.

Table reservations can also be linked with online bookings. Any table bookings made online are automatically updated on your system so you are always up to date. Online bookings are available even after your restaurant has closed for the evening so you will never miss out on custom.



With a wide range of reports, our software can show you anything from brief overviews to detailed order breakdowns so you will always know how your business is performing and what can be improved to keep the customers coming back.

  • Stock sales reports
  • End of day/week/month reports
  • X reads
  • Z reads
Infinity EPOS Cloud reports


What can it do?

  • Clerks float
  • Multiple users
  • Instant recall of saved tab
  • Clock in/Clock out
  • Staff working rotas
  • User restrictions
  • Auto sign off for clerks
  • Login via iButtons/swipe cards
  • Item search
  • Layaway
  • Price enquiry
  • Input multiple quantities of items
  • PLU departments
  • PLU groups
  • PLU note
  • PLU recipe items
  • Real-time PLU programming
  • Multiple item amendments
  • Backup/restore database
  • Stock control and display on button
  • Multiple price lists
  • Set menu
  • Mix & match
  • Schedule price changes
  • Price modifiers
  • PLU pricing by weight
  • Cost price
  • Complete, customisable menu with bestsellers on quick screen
  • Real-time price changes
  • Discount by % and amounts
  • Time zones/happy hour pricing
  • Split bill by individual item
  • Bar tabs
  • Receipt on/off
  • Prompt for cashback
  • Quick cash off
  • Pay by card
  • PDQ link
  • Customisable kitchen printer layout and messages
  • Kitchen instructions
  • Multiple kitchen printer control
  • Reprint bill
  • Table reservations
  • Online table reservations
  • Table plan
  • Deposits for tables
  • Loyalty cards
  • Loyalty discount system
  • Loyalty points system
  • Customer enquiry
  • Customer database
  • Expiry dates on customer accounts
  • Blacklist customers
  • Customer credit
  • Built-in customer loyalty scheme
  • Stock sales reports
  • End of day reports
  • End of week reports
  • End of month reports
  • X reads
  • Z reads

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