Take the hassle out of hospitality with the LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter

Take the hassle out of hospitality with the LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter

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A common headache for businesses in the hospitality sector is the ability to install POS equipment in environments that would normally require a cable to run under a floor, or through a ceiling. A standard kitchen printer for example would usually involve drilling through walls, damaging the aesthetics and interrupting the overall customer experience. What’s more, the expense of an electrician or qualified cable installer may be significantly higher than the cost of a simple, reliable wireless device.

 Wire require drilling through walls

The solution?
Eliminate the use of cables and the labour costs to install them with LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapters.

 LM048 Bluetooth serial adapter

The Bluetooth Serial Adapter Class 1 – LM048 is one of the smallest Bluetooth Serial Adapters on the market that offers a higher standard of features than other adapters of its type. Unlike other Bluetooth serial adapters in the market, a pair of LM048 adapters with their unique hardware and firmware combination, can act as a true straight or twisted serial cable solution.

 Connect your EPOS terminal to a printer using Bluetooth

Simply use the LM048 Adapter anywhere you would ordinarily run a serial (RS-232C) cable for a no hassle, pain-free solution.


Features include:

  • World’s smallest RS232 Bluetooth adapter.
  • Supports up to 100 meters (in open space).
  • Unique Patented Firmware Enabling Serial Printer Functionality.
  • No mains power cable needed as adapter can also be powered from RS232 Pin 9.
  • No need of external host or software, simply works as a standalone product.
  • This functionality allows serial printers using DSR or CTS line for error reporting such as “Out of Paper”, “Printer Offline” etc.
  • CSR BC04 Bluetooth chipset with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR firmware based design.
  • Ease of configuration and setup using LM149 Software.
  • FCC, RoHS, BQB and RTTE certified.

 Long range, compact size, no mains lead required

Looking for a longer range version?

Why not try the LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter? As well as providing a minimum range of 100m when used with its 2Dbi external antenna, 5, 7 and 9dBi antennas are also available and offer greater distances, often in excess of 800m and only limited by the environment.

LM058 longer range Bluetooth adapter

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